Thisquietarmy – Vessels [2011, Aurora Borealis]

Somehow this one skipped my radar during 2011 but thankfully found its way to my playlist this weekend and what a treat this was! After looking into him I realised there is more to be discovered about Eric Quach aka thisquietarmy but seems like ‘Vessels’ was the best place to start. With a naval theme throughout the album and having his guitar drones as the backbone for it, he creates an interesting listen which leaps from tranquille moments of subtle synthwork and lazy percussions (the quiet seascape at dusk waiting for the sun to hide behind the horizon) to blasts of sonic energy with all three ingredients being overused and abused only to leave the listener with powerful orchestrations filling the room soon after the initial force of impact has settled in (brutal currents and waves crushing on the same shores that felt comforting and safe just moments ago).  Highly recommended

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