joostdb’s Top 10 Releases of 2011

In no particular order my favorite releases of the year. For each release a standout track has been selected that can be streamed. If you like what you hear, support the artists!

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Spyweirdos – Feeling of Movement [2012, Creative Space]


Only fair for the first post to be about the delayed but highly anticipated Feeling of Movement, marking Spyweirdos’ best work yet as has carves with surgical precision through a series of highly detailed samples provided by some of the local scene’s most highly acclaimed musicians, only to piece together an intense sonic experience for the listener.

grab the free 320 of the release to get a taste:

Loudspeaker Positioning for 2-Channel Listening

Draft – writing in progress… 







The physical location of loudspeakers in a listening room is crucial in achieving high performance from a sound system; much more so than the quality of the gear used. Unfortunately this is not very well understood and often overlooked, resulting in severely compromised performance. This article summarizes how loudspeakers interact with the room and aims to provide a quick but complete “how-to” guide to achieve an optimal positioning.

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