kernelcoremode’s top releases of 2012

Our friend Kernelcoremode of Creative Space has shared his list of favorite releases for 2012 with us and to spice it up even more he’s offering a two and a half hour mix of tunes taken from the list below.

Download here (320kbps mp3).

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In no particular order, here’s the list of essential releases for 2012, according to Kernelcoremode.

New :

01.KRENG – works for abatoir lp (Miasmah)

02.NWW + GRAHAM BOWERS – rupture lp (United Dirter)

03.SWANS – the seer lp (Young God)

04.JAKOB ULLMANN – fremde zeit – addendum lp (Edition RZ)

05.EMPTYSET – demiurge variations 12″ (Subtext)

06.METASPLICE – decant/churn 12″ (Morphine)

07.AnD – oo1/0101 12″ (AnD)

08.RICHARD DEVINE – risp lp (Detroit Underground)

09.?? – Cub001 12″ (Cub)

10.KFW – generators lp (Mego)

11.FRACTURE – the limit vip 10″ (Astrophonica)

12.NICK EDWARDS – plekzationz lp (Mego)

13.VA – touch 30 lp (Touch)

14.KTL – V lp (Mego)

15.KEVIN DRUMM – Relief lp (Mego)

16.X-TG – Faet Narok lp (Industrial)

17.BEN VIDA – esstends esstends esstends lp (Pan)

18.JOE COLLEY – the lonely microphone lp (Senufo)

19.CARTER TUTTI VOID – Transverse (Mute)

20.CYCLOBE – Sulphur/Tarot/Garden (Phantom Code)


Represses :

01.JOHN AVERY – Jessica In The Room Of Lights lp (Forced Nostalgia)

02.MICHAEL ANDREWS – Donnie Darko OST lp (Death Waltz)

03.DAVID LYNCH +  ALLAN R SPLET – Eraserhead OST lp (Sacred Bones)

04.VA – traces lp (Recollections GRM)

05.FELIX KUBIN – Bruder Luzifer lp (Omni)

06.GENERAL STRIKE – danger lp (Staubgold)

07.EGISTO MACCHI – Voix lp (Omni/Roundtable)

08.SEIJI NAGAI + a – Electronic Noise Improvisation 1999 lp (Klimt)

09.TODD DOCKSTADER – Electronic Vol.1 lp (Mordant Music)

10.DARIUSH DOLAT-SHAHI – Electronic music, Tar and Sehtar (Dead-Cert)


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