Duane Pitre – Feel Free & Split w/ eleh [2012, Important Records]


What a beautiful set of releases showcasing two of the three different versions of Pitre’s latest minimal composition. More detail on the whys and hows can be found here and explained in better ways than I could. The LP has already become one of my favourites for the year and I can say I prefer it to the more condensed installation version of the split, which also features a 20 minute stretch of eleh doing what he does best in the lower regions of the audible palette, in a rather lethargic mode, endless as the title suggests…

KTL – V [2012, Editions Mego]

I never was a huge fan of KTL, what with their gloomy doom metal sound and all, without ever having gone into the series of live recordings they released over the years. This latest album though goes into unfamiliar territories, exploring the same aesthetics in their sound through a very different perspective. Electronic elements come to the foreground, with the orchestrated Phill 2 being a definite highlight, a french spoken theatrical ‘interlude’ that lasts 16 minutes longer than i could take being a definite downlight and the bonus 12″ showcasing an even more extreme approach to it all (which I hope they release in some other format, cause 300 are too few and this is what people should be able to listen from the whole effort). Everything from the amazing Mark Fell version of their logo on the cover (so glad they got rid of the blair-witchy one) to each side of each record containing exceptional audiophile material, makes this an essential release. What were they thinking with the artsy rear cover though, I really couldn’t say… />


Demdike Stare & Slant Azymuth – Make Do And Mend EP1 [2012, Finders Keepers Records]

Not much to say about this one, after the solid a side of demdike stare’s dive into some cinematic horror territories stretching their digeridoo skills and the carthatic slant azymouth spaced yet chilling flip side, just try and find a way to listen to this.

Info here


Spyweirdos – Feeling of Movement [2012, Creative Space]


Only fair for the first post to be about the delayed but highly anticipated Feeling of Movement, marking Spyweirdos’ best work yet as has carves with surgical precision through a series of highly detailed samples provided by some of the local scene’s most highly acclaimed musicians, only to piece together an intense sonic experience for the listener.

grab the free 320 of the release to get a taste: http://creativespace.gr/releases/29