Phono Stage Addition

This weekend I went ahead and purchased the NAD PP3i in order to stop feeding the signal from the turntables to the amp, through my mixer. The descision on which phono stage to get was mainly reached by browsing the net and reading reviews since the cost was fairly low and I wasn’t up for going into extensive sound testing in a variety of systems and combinations. One of the straight out of the box advantages is the ability to connect my computerĀ via USB and record my collection in up to 24bit/96kHz qualitiy.
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The evolution of my listening room

The evolution of my listening room as I have switched around electronics and speakers to fine tune the sound signature. The side wall reflection points are treated with acoustic panels and the response between 20 – 200Hz is calibrated using digital room correction resulting in an in-room frequency response thatĀ is within +/- 6dB flat.

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My listening room

This is where most of the listening takes place:

A couple of B&W 684s driven by a NAD C356BEE integrated amp. Digital music is reproduced by a WDTV streamer fed to a Beresford Caiman DAC and on to the amp. The analogue part consists of a Technics MK2 sl1200 turntable equipped with an Ortofon 2M Red cartridge.

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