N.Racker – Flock Toxicant , N.Racker b/w Tarnation Rooks [2012, Pre-Cert Entertainment]


Amazing combo delivered by Pre-Cert in their most interesting ‘signing’ up to now. First up with a split cassette pairing N.Racker with Tarnation Rooks (who is rumoured to be Andy Votel). Side A comes with a very experimental approach and a rather avant garde-ish vibe in contrast to Side B which sticks to the familiar Pre-Cert output and is less of a surprise. With Flock Toxicant though is were N.Racker truly won me over, fusing perfectly together drones with very organic vibes and the folklore element the Pre-Cert camp has come to be known for. All this without forgetting their obsession with horror flicks, using such influences to create a chilling atmosphere throughout the LP. This surely is my favourite release (and definitely the darkest and most imposing one) out of a label whose standards have been set high from the very first outings.

Fire! & Oren Ambarchi – In The Mouth A Hand [2012, Rune Grammofon]


A long overdue update on (what might be) my favorite band’s latest release for Rune Grammofon. After an excellent debut album and an awesome colab with Jim O’Rourke (that delivered both an LP and an excellent 10″ EP) they now are joined by none other than legendary drummer & guitarist Oren Ambarchi. What we have here is a more dense approach of their sound with the known jazz elements being always apparent: Berthling’s bass working overtime layering intense rhythms patterns, Werlin’s drums pulling it all together tightly, main man Gustafsson focusing more on the electronics rather than making his sax as dominating as before. The main reason for this different approach must be Ambarchi’s input pulling them all to a much noisier terrain harassing his guitar and adding those beautiful low end drones as well as the sheer force of his distinctive guitar reefs. A double LP that pulls you in and beats you with information, this definitely is one for multiple listens being more and more rewarding every time it hits the platter. No bullshit, their best output to date, which just lets me craving for what might come next!